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Artist Sold Toronto Woman’s Instagram Picture for $90K Without Permission

It turns out that one of Richard Prince’s unknowing subjects is from Toronto.

Of course, we told you last week about a New York-based artist who was raking in thousands through the display and sale of other people’s Instagram pictures. And by thousands, we mean each shot sold for a cool $90,000.

One of those photos belongs to 19-year-old Anna Collins –and she isn’t being a ‘polite Canadian’ when it comes to her thoughts on the issue.

The cute snap of Collins and her boyfriend (which looks like something from a teen or college movie) apparently caught the attention of the artist. The shot, taken by Collins’ sister over a year ago, was appropriated by Prince and reportedly sold for $90,000.

Collins was first made aware of Prince’s exhibition when she was tagged in an Instagram shot late last year.

Now, even though Collins rightfully feels entitled to her cut – which she reportedly would donate to a women’s charity and use for tuition costs – she’s not going to sue for it.

Well, the good news for Collins – an aspiring ballet teacher – is that she’s definitely increased her public profile. The student now has close to 15k Instagram followers.

Speaking of which, the clearly outspoken young woman took to Instagram this morning to call out The Toronto Star for their alleged misrepresentation of her thoughts in an article published today.

“I’m disappointed in how my thoughtful answers were basically ignored, misquoted, misunderstood, and the article turned out to be about money. Profit isn’t the issue and I wouldn’t want a profit from a man who is making his money off of exploiting women and their images…” says Collins.

With the urging of her followers for the sisters to take legal action on the matter, and the strong will of Collins, we have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ll hear of this story.

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