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An Incredibly Creative Resume Landed This Guy a Job at GQ With No Interview

When it comes to landing your dream job, it’s important to meticulously craft the perfect cover letter and resume before nailing the interview.

Unfortunately, chances are you’ll never hear back.

Which is why Sumukh Mehta, a recent business graduate, knew he had to find a way to stand out from the crowd when he applied to GQ magazine.

Rather than sending a run-of-the-mill resume and CV, he utilized his skills and created a resume that models the men’s magazine, complete with advertisements and identical graphics.

His 11-page “special resume edition” featured glossy images of Mehta, a letter from the editor, a profiled article, and a unique showing of his skills and experiences.

Upon completion, Mehta sent his expertly crafted resume to three of GQ‘s international locations and received a call from GQ‘s India publisher within two days. An email from the managing editor of the London office followed shortly after.

After creating some 160-odd resumes for MBA graduates as a way to make some money while studying, Mehta knows a thing or two about how to make one stand out. His creative resume has landed him a six-month paid internship that he hopes to take on this fall.

Mehta’s advice for job hopefuls? “Do not confuse HR by putting everything on your resume and just filling the blanks. Make it as simple as possible. That’s what I’ve done and it worked for me.”

If you’re a recent graduate or looking for a new job, follow in Mehta’s footsteps and make an application that prospective employers simply cannot ignore. If you’re still looking for resume inspiration, check out these seven unique resume ideas.


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