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15 Signs You’re Officially Adulting at Home

So you’ve landed your first real job and you’re officially a functioning member of society, congrats.

But now you realize you need to actually get the rest of your sh*t together.

You begin spending your downtime redecorating your apartment, throwing hard earned money at expensive scented candles and an obnoxiously large rug.

You’re not sure why, but you do.

And after picking up more throw pillows and exotic plants than any human should ever see in a lifetime, you realize that somewhere in this revamping process you may have actually started doing this whole adult thing and didn’t even realize it.

But just to be sure, here are 15 other signs that further prove you’re already adulting at home.


1. You own the appropriate glassware for entertaining friends. Red solo cups are no longer used to serve wine.

2. Food is served on dishes that haven’t been passed down from your mother or purchased at the Dollar Store.

3. Your fridge consists of more than just old take out boxes and random beer cans. You’re capable of offering guests snacks that are edible and don’t need the microwave first.

4. When you host a pre-drink or get together you supply the alcohol.

5. When hosting, you serve appetizers that consist of more than just chips and dip.

6. You and your dry cleaner are on a first name basis.

7. You no longer sleep on just a mattress on the floor. You own a bed frame and have storage underneath that you actually use.

8. Weekly dinners involve less ramen noodles and more home cooked meals.

9. Your bed sheets and pillow cases actually match your comforter. Hell, you’re downright proud of your linens.

10. Art on your wall consists of more than your old dorm room posters. You fully get that people are sick of seeing dogs playing poker.

11. You not only own coasters, you use them. And your friends better, too.

12. You keep your toilet paper on a rack, not on the floor.

13. You own matching towels and you always hang them up. Yes, there may even be a monogram on one.

14. You no longer buy the cheapest alcohol available and you take the time to make actual cocktails, instead of just pouring vodka and whatever juice you can find together and calling it a ‘new’ drink.

15. You own a tool kit with more than a screwdriver in it. And you no longer rely on only an allen key to fix broken furniture.



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