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0 Mile Diet: Berlin Supermarkets Install In-Store Farms

Ok, so there aren’t animals roaming freely through the aisles, but what a few Berlin supermarkets have installed recently are still by definition a farm.

Several METRO supermarkets in the German capital are the first to test INFARM units, which are capable of growing a variety of produce at a very efficient plants per square foot ratio.


“Imagine a future where cities become self-sufficient in their food production, where autonomous farms grow fresh premium produce at affordable prices, eliminating waste and environmental impact,” writes INFARM on their website. The company’s goal is to reduce consumers’ carbon footprint by cutting food transportation and shorten the supply chain to offer fresher food.

The Berlin-based startup’s vertical farm is capable of growing greens 365 years a year and hopes to start an indoor farming revolution through their hydroponic farming modules.


Their team is made up of plant scientists, robotics specialists, industrial designers, IT wizards, architects, futurists and chefs, all inspired by the magic of having fresh vegetables even in the dead of winter. Since eating seasonal is a way of life in Germany, INFARM’s initiative would offer customers a greater selection of produce year-round.

The next goal is to install similar modules at restaurants and hotels that want to offer something unique to their clients and guests.


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